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ACC Docket Cover by mynameistran Sea wizard by Quberon ingenting utan dig by FOERVRAENGD Flaske Page 14 by redredundance Flaske Page 15 by redredundance Abismo by rpintor Musician 1 by rpintor Blade Under Mask: Asazaki Asami by White-Mantis

Veil by AHussein Vermilion Eye by PeterJCoskun Time to pull by du-la At Last, We Meet by Yutaan Flute by adrianperezacosta When the Guppies Glow... by AmandaMullins Land of the Valar by MaximeDaviron Gate 05 by madspartan013 unsung heroes... by m-eickhoelter Drawing 51 by DEREKoverfield :thumb326936732: Flooded by TobiasRichter Path to a brighter horizon by WTek79
Pigeon man 1 by sican Putting out fire by Sun-Seeker Untitled by heribudianto Jukung by wahyuwara Let yourself be heard kid! by Miguel-Santos Vanity Fair... by demi2004 Heartwood Storyteller by Fyreant THRONEROOM by Jontamar :thumb365261410: Yesterday Once More by houvv Dragon by APetruk Fleetly by ArdenRey strange Tina by jabberholic ProCATStination by AudreyBenjaminsen

Fish Central by Gabbi Trapped by kelseymichele The Beast by kelseymichele Alean aquarelle by Alice-Bobbaji Huntress by Anna-Edwards Self - April 2013 by Anna-Edwards Memories by Ailovc Acrobats by jabberholic La solitude comme fardeau by johnberd Drifted by Rowkey :thumb365264031: :thumb365265121: The star /2012 / oil/canvas / 20x30 cm by Vladimir-Kireev Semidarkness by NataliaDrepina
:thumb270480947: Wolf Meditation by APetruk sad king by RedGella Head in the sky by Ner-Tamin  Concrete 9 by yangxueguo no name by aleksesss surrounded by artforheart Mt. Alebur by FerdinandLadera :thumb354066027: Ether Swamp by TomScholes The Forest Beneath by TomScholes Cichlasoma spp by SeanSoong

An Offering by AniaMohrbacher the storyteller by s05146 Beloved by yanadhyana under the sea by merlot Royal advisor by labirynt spirt walker by merlot The Hawk King by YO-su-RA A king who dreamed being a bird by RedGella daydreaming by RedGella tea fairy by vaenaton A buried fear grows lemons in the dark by green-tea Jelous by nailone The Forest by BeatrizMartinVidal Halo by YukoRabbit

Mature Content

Come on beauty, make me bleed. by nailone
Black Tear by artforheart :thumb350161693:
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I'm getting back on track and will soon upload new art here! In the meantime, feel free to stop by my tumblr and check out some recent sketches:


Vortex by VanessaLemen Wake by VanessaLemen Karstadt - Parasol Island - Concept 1 Europe by acapulc0 Horizons by leopardsnow lost_mech by Ben-Andrews Venetian Harpy, detail by ForestRogers Joan of Arc by DonatoArts jungle bridge by Jastorama Voyagers by APetruk Mockingbird by yanadhyana lone wanderer by Jastorama Spaceship Crash by KlausPillon Fresh Breeze by k04sk

Heady Machinery by VanessaLemen Mermaid by hoooook twenty eight by len-yan Sunset by chocosweete Thesis 5 of 8 by xluvmexrabitx untitled. by PostwarQueen Blowhole by RaVirr17

Mature Content

Little Dzheday by seredin
catching fragments of an achromatic anecdote by mynameistran Goodbye by Lizzy-John Flower to you by APetruk The Journey by golden-quince Snowy Owl Forest by longestdistance Sova by VanessaLemen jokul by Masway
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getting the star concept sketch by JoachimB The Yuletide Beast by AudreyBenjaminsen :thumb300327862: :thumb346238991: fierhorse by Unita-N Inside the forest by puyoakira Migration by Marfigram

Untitled by Fredrik-Rattzen Happily Never After by Fredrik-Rattzen :thumb335017561: :thumb345890466: Vexed by VampireHungerStrike Lisbeth by VampireHungerStrike ELECTRIC BLUE - oil painting by AstridBruning Ignite by escume Ruby The Mockingbird by effulgent-smile The Garuda by krhart Blue Dragoness Queen O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos BRAIDal by Blumina Millenna - for CobraVenom by depingo 4515 by ilikeyoursensitivity Spirit of the Forest by yanadhyana 31012012 A by Malahicha Little Red Riding Hood_02 by ourlak Pisces - Llewellyn Worldwide by juliedillon grow up by iiiislee Sketch by iiiislee Study work 16 by IvanLaliashvili Summer Robe by tonjasell Dancer 1 by tonjasell Profile by tonjasell 'in a moment' detail by JulieSwanSculpture
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Thank you for all the sweet congratulations on my birthday last week! I recieved some super-lovely gifts that I would like to feature ^__^

:heart: :thumb319362280: :heart: Eileen by Katarinea :heart: Terra by Katarinea :heart:

Lienwyn , Heliossa and Katarinea , you guys are awesome! :iconkissingplz:

Also, a big thanks to Justyne for extending my premium membership! :tighthug:
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I'm a bit slow at drawing right now since I recieved more working hours for this summer than I had anticipated. But I'm making progress, and soon I am done with the chibi commission round! I'm also working on a new painting of Terra : )

Here are the features for June:

Joanna by sharandula Home by flea-sha 36000 by kaiserisms 36621 by kaiserisms india by wondernez :thumb308738943: 4UR Mood by Shadow-stepper Joan Of Arc by flea-sha Peru by olivier2046 Black Black Heart by yuumei very secret garden , by megatruh Amends by erwinsart IVY...AGAIN_commission by EricCanete

Equatia: Rolling Hills by paper-hero The Alchemist 3 by paper-hero winter evening by kosharik69 Legheads by zumart :thumb294795389: Nym-Bruyn's Garden Cover - Noor by Alice-Bobbaji River Crossing by erwinsart Swimming in a Sea of Stars by golden-quince Strawberry Cat by Pocketowl The song for sea by miumzoo :thumb292569075:

Mature Content

Snarl of thinking by zumart
The Ghosts of Hogwarts by AudreyBenjaminsen bye,summer by miumzoo
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Severed Dreams by PinkParasol marine mai 3/12 by Malahicha The Summoning by Anna-Edwards :thumb300939021: Deep Thoughts by oxboxer :thumb285106934: :thumb300689594: This World by tourofnature Dance of Fire by luka-basyrov-art

Mature Content

Espousal by luka-basyrov-art

Mature Content

Koigirl by 0KiWi0
Puma concolor 23 by catman-suha

in the country by Malahicha :thumb287823750: marine mai 2/12 by Malahicha

Persistence of Memory by balaa Magenta by obsessedkitten For Mom by Tatchit a recent work by LiskFeng Fraternity of Spirits by SethFitts Lakeside by Mr--Jack 4 Kids by greatanin :thumb291380719: 131 by felixlu Astral Perspective by MatteoCattonar whisper of midnight by MatteoCattonar The ragged journey- Overcast by Exphrasis The Journey speedy by Trudsss
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I'm opening an all-chibi round of commissions, ten slots! It's not limited to one slot per person, so grab as many as you want!


:new:CHIBI (lineart+color, no BG)
20 € per character
(add a small creature at no extra cost)
(+10 €  to add a big creature)

These commissions are for personal and non-profit use only.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send your character and artwork description with references to me in a note. I take payments through PAYPAL when I start working on your commission. I will e-mail progress shots of the commission to you for your approval. You will have the opportunity to request a few changes for free, but extensive revisions that take a lot of time might cost extra.

You will get a high-resolution file of the commission sent to your e-mail when it's finished. Please credit me as the artist when you display the picture.

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Self Portrait by morganpenn POST-FUTURE REVELATION by tman2009 short eared owl by Jamie-MacArthur Lightning Fast by TORONN Followed by amytaluuri Knite: We Dream by yuumei sanctuary by MarcSimonetti where by 0BO deerchk by edelias Slope II by olejny

Eddie 'Terror of the Atlantic' Fosbrook by morganpenn The Love and The Fear of Sir Gawain by KaiCarpenter Quiet Meditation by yuumei untitled_05 by Ebineyland the Strait by MinnaSundberg Caracal by xsiorcanna shhhh by StefanThompson :thumb293751065:
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Calm Before Storm by Suncut Ghost Garden by Suncut Troll Girl by Suncut Hide and Seek by Wursu Six feet under - Colour by Wursu Little Rebeca by misha-dragonov revolution by igorska Watcher in the Woods: Owl by SethFitts Green Tree (Two Circles) by SethFitts Les charmes de l'Indicible by alexandre-deschaumes vika by MartaSyrko Nisa by Nekranea olivetreetrunk by FionaMeng The Double Rinse Agent by richardcgreen chasing cat  happy chidrensday by LiskFeng somnambulist in truro by tombennett afewnicewords by CrankBot :thumb47006343: Nisa (views) by Nekranea Lunaria views by Nekranea
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I'm a bit slow on uploading new art right now. I'm taking a course in how to start my own business, so my energy is always drained by the end of the day. Only a few weeks left now, and then I'll hopefully be back on track! ^3^ Have some more art features in the meantime! :heart:

Ismail and Sei costumes by Stefana-Tserk :thumb213369423: :thumb285517476: ghost by SmallJoy Through the thick snow by Lidija-Lolic Animal's parade by Pendalune p86 by HBDesign Alone in theatre by BubbleguN-oo Valahnukur by alexandre-deschaumes

Bright Eyes by Lienwyn Watcher on the Fence by SethFitts AT: my cat by faQy winter is here by moussee Yards by jemchujnaya-julia Fox and Grapes by NorthSheltie How many more to understand? by nicolasammarco Nocturne by rodluff :thumb282917967:
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The moment I saw this artist's work I fell in love. I want to share it with you guys! Please support his work : )

:iconebineyland: Ebineyland

Nocturne by Ebineyland King of Greens by Ebineyland whale weather by Ebineyland Big tree in the distance by Ebineyland The tone floated with wind by Ebineyland fairytale castle by Ebineyland Cat Dream by Ebineyland Grassland of The Magic by Ebineyland moment by Ebineyland observation of meteor by Ebineyland whale magic by Ebineyland
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.protect you. by popini Ikori, little Spirit of the Pines by Nekranea sekizbalik by Doriah Magdala Rising by MoonSpiral

Mature Content

Prophetic Bird by Hel-gi
:thumb269077078: :thumb213315062: Sea, Sun, Stars by juliedillon Grandchild by randyrakhmadany

Windbinder by Daywish redone by MagdalenaKapinos White Will by HannaLF Chitwan by nikosalpha :thumb198140200: :thumb271815986: Fruit of the Vine series by DenmanRooke 0323 by ucmorlale
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Meet me at the corner by PascalCampion Space's Soul by Bog-Valenok

Mature Content

Green Fairy by aeryael
Night by rillani :thumb150725436: :thumb150726163: Aeria Gloris by Excymiir Marine 6 by Malahicha Cafe de Flore I by rpintor La comba by rpintor Safe Journey by lastlabyrinth Time to wait by Ner-Tamin :thumb270982204: Las tres Gracias de Harlem by rpintor

The Hunters in the Snow by IvanLaliashvili Vaettebron - Christmas Card 2011 by Griatch-art Mateo detail by rpintor From The Top by artistwilder Marine novembre 2 by Malahicha
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Mt Eiger crawling Clouds by alexandre-deschaumes Across a Blue... by mynameistran Brew by kiwikitty37 coal plant hatch by ErrantCrow Autumn Lullaby by Snowfall-lullaby Blue village by Malahicha Unfortunate Victim by fizgiggy :thumb244314851: :thumb268203491: In The Word Wood by 3-hares 'Menagerie' Series: Peacock by Biffno

Did't promise to return by Vikarus Franny by chocosweete :thumb192890923: Waiting by MartaSyrko communion by rodluff Ray of light by carlosthe Light at the end of the tunnel by carlosthe
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The sweet and talented :iconalice-bobbaji: is having an art sale, with lovely originals, sketchbooks, prints and badges! It's definitely worth a look (I've already booked a SUMI sketchbook *__*)! Read more in her journal:… or go directly to her site to view the sale items:…

Page tres tres tres collector by Alice-Bobbaji The white flowers by Alice-Bobbaji Broceliande by Alice-Bobbaji

Sunset by Alice-Bobbaji ever Rest shopping spree-color by Alice-Bobbaji

Mature Content

the roots and the lovers v2 by Alice-Bobbaji
  • Reading: Good Omens